Business Idea: Empowering the Disabled

Who says that a good, profitable business model has to be mutually exclusive with helping people?

I came across this video below, which I thought is quite a good example of a business idea that is not only able to differentiate itself from its competitors, but is also able to empower its employees.

I’m a firm believer that before you achieve lofty goals of helping people in your country or in other poor places around the world… the first group that you need to care for, is the people closest to you: your family, colleagues, and your own employees.

Often time, I notice that people speak of businesses (i.e. making money, being famous and successful) and community service as something that seems to be mutually exclusive. The popular notion seems to be: work, be successful, and when you have enough money, you can then donate some to other people.

But really, what we often forget, is that empowering someone is much more powerful than simply giving them a donation.

Social entrepreneurship comes in different ways. Some requires a lot of capital investment, and some requires us to go deep into a rural village. But sometimes, reaching out to the less fortunate communities could simply be done through finding a simple yet creative way of empowering the handicapped yet talented people around us.

So anyways, I hope that this short video could inspire you, as it did for me… to start thinking of ideas on how could we create a creative and profitable business that empowers others.

Do share if you come across more interesting ideas! I would love to hear more of them 🙂



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