In war, people inadvertently takes sides. Sometimes, because it’s expected of them. Sometimes, because they don’t know better. And sometimes, because it’s easier to see something as black and white.

But I remember Israel, and I remember the Palestinian territories from my trips many years ago… standing next to each other, crafted into beautiful pictures in my memories.

And despite of all the differences, is it so hard to believe, that all of the soldiers, fighters, parents, and children… are just fellow pilgrims in the brotherhood of humanity, searching for a purpose in this world?

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a cause that they are fighting for.

And is it wrong for me to believe, that it’s never our place to judge, to point fingers, or to condemn? Because we ourselves are imperfect beings.

And in the midst of all the noises in the news and the accusations of people taking sides… I just wish to lift my hopeful eyes, and believe that everything happens for a reason. And even though war is a painful process… perhaps, it can be a place where many of us can be woken up from a life of apathy… and discover a heart that can empathize for others.

A heart, that yearns for peace.



PS. I took that picture during my visit there, around 4 years ago.


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