Hong Kong Lights

There’s something about gazing at a city skyline from a distance, that makes me strangely contemplative.

When I was walking in the midst of a crowded city of Hong Kong, I felt as if I was swept away by the rhythm of the bustling city life. It was not unlike my home in Jakarta. But when you became a tourist… I guess you became a little more observant and pay a little more attention to your surroundings.

There were rows of designer skyscrapers standing so closely next to each other. And yet it’s hard to see the their shape from where I was standing. All I saw was just brick wall after brick wall, glass windows after glass windows, shop after shop.

And I found that it’s easy to lose myself in this kind of rhythm. Nobody spared a glance to one another. Walk , walk, walk. Work, work, work. Shop, shop, shop. We are simply nameless figures, rushing from one destination to the other.

But when I took a break from the busy streets and looked at the city from the other side of the coast… I was able to see the beauty of a million little lights that makes up the Hong Kong skyline.


And even though I know that beneath those beautiful lights were herds of people moving about… I found that the scenery from the other side of the harbor always looks strangely peaceful.

And despite of the awesome food and the wonderful shopping experience, I realized that the thing I missed the most about my recent Hong Kong trip, is the time I spent gazing at the quiet night sky, thinking about everything and nothing at all.



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