Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose

If there are so many lonely souls, then why do we have to cry alone?

If there are many people looking for acceptance, why are there so many “forever alone” memes?

I spent many years of my school life observing people around me: the loud and outspoken jocks, the beautiful and popular crowd, the tight knitted little group of friends, the quiet ones who take pleasure behind books and quiet conversations, the high-achievers, and many more. Now in the working life, it’s not that much of a difference.

But I realized that all of them have one similarity: in our own secret ways, we long for someone to reach to us.

The problem is, we are often afraid. (And sometimes, we are afraid to admit that we are afraid).

Unknowingly, we are afraid to speak of fear of being judged. We are also afraid to listen and to look around, of fear of discovering problems that seem too big for us to handle, lest we realize in our inability to fix anything.

Yet the irony is this: the walls that we built to protect us, became the barrier that hinders us to connect with others.

And before long, I found myself along with many others… drifting, for a moment’s purpose.

We drift away from one another, not really understanding what is our part in this big family of humanity, (but can we call it a family if we don’t know each other?)… Trying to find a purpose, and yet finding difficulty of finding one that can sustain us long enough over the years.

Someone once said to me, that our purpose is the intersection point between our maximum talents and the maximum number of people that can be blessed by it.

Live for others, they say. Smile for others, and soon, they’ll truly be your reason to smile. Okay, I nodded. And deep down, I agree with it too. But connecting with someone is never easy. At least, not for me.

Why care for others, when you run the risk of saying goodbye? Why care, if you aren’t sure that you’ll be able to make a difference? Why care, when your own life is already exhausting enough?

But nevertheless… I have my dreams, just like you have your dreams. I have my fears, just like yours. And I have my excuses, just like you might have yours. And every person we met (and have ignored) has those too. So if we look at it that way, we are just like brothers and sisters in a pretty similar journey.

So I just wonder… is it possible, that if we were just start to look out and truly care for one or two other people… then could we perhaps, make a happier and a more purposeful society, where everyone is a little less lonely?

I wonder. And I hope.

And I would like to believe that yes, we could.



25 thoughts on “Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose”

  1. “Cantik. Tulisan yang cantik,” was all I could say regarding this post. I too, so agree with your believe and the power of positive thinking and Vic, it’s hard not to smile everytime I read your writings. It touched me and I hope not just me, but many others will always look forward for your upcoming posts.
    Bless you 😀

      1. Haha the pleasure is all mine, that I can read such thoughtful writings (even for free!) 😀
        Yes you may, if you are that curious that is. My real name’s in my email, Vic 🙂

  2. This was truly beautiful. If only more people would think like this. If only more people would realize what you have realized here and shared with the world, maybe we all would be a little better off. Thank you for this. It was exactly what I needed today.

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 This is a topic that I’ve always been wondering/struggling/thinking about. I’m glad that you share my opinion in this. Honestly, it’s comments like yours that encourages me to keep me writing. So thanks for that. 🙂

  3. I liked what you were saying about connecting with others. I especially liked “the walls that we built to protect us, became the barrier that hinders us to connect with others.” from your blog. We each need to be conscious of our fears and then we can choose or not to follow them. 🙂

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