Clear blue water
Then high tide waves
Black storm
And windswept sky
Can you still hear my whispers in the rain?
Just wait,
I’ll build a lighthouse just for us.

For me, a lighthouse is a symbol of hope, and the promise to stand strong, despite of whatever circumstances we might face.

I painted this picture and wrote its accompanying piece sometime ago, as a reminder that a relationship is not just about the rush of feelings and blue sky bliss. But what makes it more precious is the commitment of being steadfast in love and hope.

So if you’re feeling as if you are facing storm, then perhaps, it’s time to stop looking at the weather outside, and start building a lighthouse together. Because some things, are worth fighting (and praying) for.

After all, who knows, the lighthouse might not just save us. One day, it might even help to illuminate others’ journey underneath the night’s sky. 🙂

PS. I’m learning and experimenting with watercolors right now. Still needs a lot of practice but it’s definitely one of my favorite painting mediums. Do share with me tips, if you have any. hehe.


6 thoughts on “Lighthouse”

  1. Very nice read and great picture! I remember trying to learn watercolors and nothing I ever made came out as good as that. So props to you.

  2. This reminds me of Taylor’s ‘This Love’. “Clear blue water, high tides came and bought you in, and I could go on and on, on and on, and I will.”

    1. Yeah, it’s somewhat inspired by Taylor’s lyrics. But then hers is about a love that’s gone. And I don’t want to agree with that. So I wanted to write and paint something that symbolizes hope.. despite of high tides and whatever weather. 🙂

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