The long train ride, to some place we’ll call Home

I found myself sitting in an empty train
Through a serendipity wandering
Windows up, no clouds in the sky
Startling journey; breathless, exciting
But wait, where is this going?
It’s too sudden, too new
I wasn’t even sure if I want to be here…
But you smiled and sat right next to me
And the train began to move.

Sun is up, I can feel the heat
Fiddling in my seat, listening to voices
You should never board the train!
What if you get lost?
What if you can’t return to where you started?
And I wonder if I could stop it
But there are no breaks, no certainty…
Still, you reach out and grasp my hand
And the train moves along.

Bumpy ride. Smooth engine sounds.
It’s too fast. It’s too slow.
Watching tulip gardens n green rice fields,
Sunsets, quiet nights, and hopeful dawns
Can we choose our next destination?
Rain falls and the wind dances
Foggy windows and cold breath…
But it’s warm as I lean next to you
Still, the train carries on.

Days passed, or perhaps years
Like cities of untold adventures
And here we are, sitting, watching, moving
Different journeys, one destination
The track is long, time is ticking…
But your presence lulls me to a peaceful rest
And I know that the train ride will continue,
Till it reaches a place…
That we’ll call as Home.

//thank you for being my loyal travel companion in life’s journey. ❤

-Don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day celebration, but it’s a good excuse to write something sweet once in a while. Haha. This can be read as a poetry, a short story, or even a love note 😀

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