The Hidden Victims

Most of the times, it’s easy to point the blame at someone, and label the other party as the injured victims. But not all victims are easy to recognize. They don’t necessarily have to be at the direct end of the violence and abuse to feel hurt.

Because sometimes, the forgotten victims are those bystanders, witnessing… and losing a little bit of hope in the process.

It’s the child who listened to her parents shouting, and slowly started to believe that relationships are bound to hurt.

It’s the boy who grew up watching graphic angry fights and anarchic actions, and grew up believing that violence might solve something.

It’s the little girl who heard how other girls are judged and complimented, and tearfully believed that the only way to be accepted is to be “pretty“.

It’s the student who quietly witnessed how a teacher praised his friends, and believed that intelligence, talent, and worthiness is only measured in grades.

It’s the teenager who watched corrupt individuals rose to power, and unconsciously accepted that the only way to survive is to lie.

It’s the reader who reads the news on fraud, tortures, and wars, and be convinced that humanity has lost its compassion.

It’s the man who observed friends and colleagues stabbed one another for a promise of promotions, and assumed that there’s no one that can be trusted.

It’s the man… and women… around us. It might even be the person, staring back in the mirror.

Have we unwittingly, unintentionally pushes someone into a corner… and cause them to lose a little bit of faith in the process?

We all could be the victims. Just like how we all could be the perpetrators.

However, I hope that we can be more mindful of whatever it is we are doing. Because if we think about it, all of them… and all of us together… we are just fellow humans, looking for trust, compassion, acceptance, and hope.

Because hey, if there are hidden victims… then surely, there are hidden heroesright? 🙂




23 thoughts on “The Hidden Victims”

  1. I really like your writing. I think there are so many negative influences but as a contrast so many positive too, I’m not too sure about whether there is a necessary evil to make light of the goodness man brings to the table; what I do know is that we need exposure to things to be aware of how we react to certain things and hopefully we will eventually learn to be unruffled by all the commotions so we can turn this world around one step at a time. We wouldn’t really have anything to change if there weren’t any of these issues we face – not that I am justifying any of them. Nevertheless I think things like this, bringing awareness and posts about controversial topics are part of fighting this battle, I hope you continue addressing these issues in society.

    1. Thank you for the insightful comment! -Really appreciate it 🙂
      It’s an interesting way to look at things. For me, I usually view that the world is quite full of negative things. It’s not necessary evil. Instead, what we need is a necessary, purposeful goodness… to bring a sense of light.

      Thanks for the support, I like to observe things, and while right now I can’t do much… I thought that sharing and addressing about these issues is still better than not doing anything at all. I hope that you would strive to bring out the light, through your own way 🙂

  2. I can relate to you post so much. Some of the things you have mentioned I have faced in my life, and still facing. I liked your writing, Really nice post. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad that you can relate to them. At some point, we all have been one of these hidden victims. But I hope that you’ll always have courage, and be a hidden hero one day 🙂

  3. Beautiful, this speaks volumes.
    This proves how much we are affected by our surroundings, through conscious and unconscious observations.

  4. Beautiful and thought provoking post. Indeed it is true. We all learn from what we experience. We are conditioned in the life we lead. We will only ever taste sweetness if it is filtered with love. We will only taste the bitter salt if we are forced to swim in it. Children deserve to be protected from the bosom of our society. They deserve time to grow, develop, and explore in tranquility and purity. We all have the option of choice. The choice to change paths. The choice to become free. We also have the responsibility to nurture the vulnerable and protect them from our mistakes

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights! I agree with what you said. Many of our perception of the world now is influenced by childhood experiences and memories. And that is why, they must be nurtured and loved.

      However, I always believe whatever experiences never truly determine who we are, and who we will be. I have never been a parent yet… but I know that regardless how hard adults tries to protect a child, there will always be mistakes and situations that are beyond their control – that sometimes, a child can’t always grow up in tranquility as we hoped. Nevertheless, yeah… in whatever circumstances, we all have the option of choice – to be something more than a victim.

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