The Waters


Sometimes, I saw myself being swept away in the middle of the waters. But then I realized that in those moments… I was the waters.

Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed by all the problems that needed fixing. But maybe it was my mindset that needed to be changed all along.

Sometimes, people seemed so thoughtless and unreasonable.
But maybe it was me who closed my ears and pretended not to understand.

Sometimes, I fought and started wars in the name of peace and reconciliation. But perhaps, peace and acceptance is just a state of mind.

Sometimes, I felt like a lonely soul lost in a crowded place.
But maybe it was me who closed the door and forgot to reach out to others.

Sometimes, I searched the whole world for the keys to happiness.
But maybe contentment is simply how I choose to look at the world.

Sometimes, I was the waters…
But maybe, you are too.

//It started as an experiment in watercolor, where I attempted to paint using just one color and one brush. Then one train of thought leads to another… and comes this reflection. By the way, if you didn’t notice… the splashes and blots of water… is actually a portrait of a girl, plunged into a water, upside down.

-The Waters, watercolor. 


14 thoughts on “The Waters”

  1. It’s really amazing to see a girl at a young age, like you, write about things that are quite philosophical and bespeaks thoughts of maturity… Keep it up!

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