The Little Light

Isn’t it funny?
That it’s so far away
And yet you somehow believe it would be true.

Isn’t it bittersweet?
It tears you inside but you can’t help but to hold on to it
Because it’s the only thing you can have.

Isn’t it damning?
The crowd jeers and laughs, but you can’t back down
Because that’s where you put your best foot forward.

Isn’t it faithful?
When all things are stripped bare
It will never leave you, unless you choose to leave.

But isn’t it beautiful?
It’s the hope that you cling to
The last light that keeps you warm when things are bleak.

…a dream.

//Random thoughts that I have as I’m contemplating, praying, yearning… for a dream that seems almost, almost impossible.
Wish me luck. :’)


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