Eyes Half Opened

We are funny creatures. We don’t see the stars as they are, so why do we love them? They are not small gold objects, but endless fire. –Saul Bellow

Why do we love things that we perceive as beautiful in our own understanding?

Why do we hate things that we aren’t familiar with?

Our perception is limited. Our experience is short, and our rationality is bounded. And regardless of how much we try, our wisdom is far from complete.

So why do we dare to pass on judgements, when we only know half of the facts?


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13 thoughts on “Eyes Half Opened”

    1. Yeah. I think sometimes simply because it’s more convenient and easier to judge than to learn all the facts.. and just make conclusions without bothering to find the other side of the story (lest we find out we are wrong).

  1. Guilty. I was guilty of judging someone’s action. For example, I was at the bus stop the other night. The bus stopped just before the actual bus stop and I got a little pissed cause we had to walk towards the bus rather than having the bus stopped before you. What happened next was, the bus captain saw the crowd at the bus stop. He had to stop the bus before the bus stop so that he was able assist a person on a wheelchair off the bus. At that instant, I felt guilty of judging his actions. Thereafter, I told myself to refrain from passing judgements almost immediately. It’s difficult, but it feels less guilty.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Yeah, we are often guilty of absentmindedly judging people in our daily lives. Sometimes in “trivial” things, but sometimes it builds up to habitual prejudice.

      But the fact that you are being mindful of your action and felt guilty afterwards, and try to refrain yourself for doing it again… is really admirable! 🙂 I hope that we can always learn to be more mindful and to always want to listen to the other side of the story before making assumptions.

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