Riddle: Who am I?

I can be cold I can be warm
I can be solid yet I can be liquid
You can hate me or you can love me
And you can mix me with so many different things…
But you’ll always know me by my smell.

I come in two colors
You may beat me every morning
And put me on burning flames
And though it makes me lost a color,
I’ll be soft and fluffy just for you.

I’m soft and colorful
You can keep me in a tight place
Or you can spread me around
But where ever you  put me,
I’ll make everything that much sweeter.

The three of us can stand alone. But together, we form a pack.
So… who are we?

Difficulty level: easy

//Haha. debbythewebby suggested that I write something fun like a short riddle. And so I had this random mini-series on the Who-Am-I riddle… which I thought was kinda cute.. (and a good break between serious posts) LOL 😀

Is this too easy? Put down your guesses below. 


51 thoughts on “Riddle: Who am I?”

  1. I’m so glad you took my suggestion! Hahaha I hope you had fun doing these! They’re very well written!

    Let me try:

    1. Chocolate
    2. Eggs
    3. no idea haha

  2. Marshmallows. Lol “And put me on burning flames. And though it makes me lost a color, I’ll be soft and fluffy just for you.” Sounds like Smores. 😀

    1. Nope! hehe. Remember the first line: “I come in two colors…. you beat me every morning… and burning flames makes me lost a color”. Generally marshmallow is only white, right? And when you burn it.. it doesn’t lost one of its colors, it just changes the color (turn black). 😛 Wanna try again?

      (Now after reading your comment, I wish I have some smores with me hahaha) 😀

      1. Hahaha! Oh my. This is hard. We beat egg every morning and it lost the white when we cook it scrambled. Hmmm.. 😀

      2. hahahaha not dairy cream! Hint: you can drink it when it’s in a liquid form.
        And yeah no 3: it’s a spread. But you have to be a little bit more specific 😉 Remember: “I’m soft and colorful”…. hehe.

    1. Hahaha woops? I call this “easy” because we don’t have to research anything / do any calculations etc. These 3 are pretty common items 😛

      You’re close, but not quite. No 3: It’s not butter because remember “I’m soft and colorful”… not just yellow. hehe.

      And No1: it’s not milk, because it can exist as a solid hehe 😉

      But good try. You’re close, so good luck!! 😀

      1. Haha glad that you like it! 😀
        Oh well… yeah, I guess milk can be correct too then. But I was thinking of coffee (beans) and coffee drinks. Hahah. Thanks for participating 😀 😀

  3. May be …..

    I was never good at these things …
    I can’t guess them
    May be because I don’t like coffee and I have never eaten an egg or may be cause I prefer sause over jam with bread :p

  4. I’m thinking of baking ingredients but I can’t guess exactly what they are. The second one sounds like egg, but I don’t think eggs are fluffy, are they?

    1. Hahah once you’ve beat an egg, it will be fluffly if you scramble it. The answer for no2 is actually scrambled egg 😀
      Nope, they aren’t really baking ingredients. Although I guess you can include them sometimes when you bake. hahaha

      1. HAHAHA. Such a Singaporean answer lol 😛 but no.. hahaha. There’s no liquid durian is there? And I dont think Durian juice is common. Wanna try again?

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