Life of a Clay

Do you know?

When the Potter starts to wedge you…

You realize that you are full of impurities that needed to be cleaned. So many little pebbles and bitterness that needed to be taken out. So many rough edges that needed to be carved out. And as you spin on a wheel, bracing yourself for an unknown change… you slowly learn that you have to be soft and mendable enough to be shaped by the Potter’s hands. It’s a process where you can do nothing but to trust. And yet you realize that you must pass this battle without losing yourself.

When the Potter puts you on the shelf…

You are left to wait so you would truly know what patience means. You learn that the saying “time spent waiting is wasted” is not necessarily true. Minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days, weeks, and years. And you accept that there are just some things that money can’t move forward, that talents can’t deliver. You realize that there are moments where waiting, is the only thing you can do.

When the Potter puts you in the fiery kiln…

You have to learn to stand and walk through fire. You began to understand, that although it hurts and it burns, sometimes the fire is not designed to hurt you. Is it a test? Then it dawns on you, that even though it’s hot, it’s never beyond your limit. And you finally understand that all you have to do, is to hang on and have courage… because that’s the only way you can be transformed

You break, wait, burn, and learn to trust as you are shaped.

And in every process and every step of the way, you learn that you have to break in order to be made whole.

And as you learn resilience, patience, and courage… you realize that you are no longer a lump of mud in the Potter’s backyard.

Now, for the first time, you realize that you are a beautiful piece of art.


Lately I’ve been doing a little bit of pottery and clay making whenever I have some free time. I missed the quiet and utterly relaxing time pottery making provides. And the fact that your hand is covered with mud and clay is an added bonus to ensure a short digital detox (i.e. taking a break from checking my phone and stuff hahah).

The last time I did pottery quite seriously was during high school. On some days, I used to sneak into my art classroom after school with my best friend, and I just sat down for hours making pottery, while she drew manga besides me as we talked. Haha. It’s funny that when I look back on my high school days, these quiet little moments are just one of the most heart-warming memories that I keep. 🙂

Anyways, as I work with clay… I began to contemplate pottery as a metaphor of mankind’s journey. Because perhaps a human’s life is not all that different from that of clay. After all, did we not come from dust, and died, buried as one with the Earth’s soil?


44 thoughts on “Life of a Clay”

    1. Thanks a lot! 🙂 But I didn’t come up with the whole metaphor from scratch though. Haha. The Potter’s wheel is an image that’s sometimes used to illustrate how we are shaped by God / our Creator. I just extend it a little bit… to portray our journey in life. 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed your metaphor. We’re all like clay in the potter’s hands.

    As life tries to bend us, our maker has a good purpose for each of us. At the end of the day, we’ll be stronger, wiser and more beautiful for our worlds to see.

  2. It always excites me when I see you post something. And reading it, I am never disappointed. You thoughts are worth pondering for. 🙂 xxxx

  3. Reblogged this on Pearls and commented:
    I love the way Victoria Iskak writes (I am lucky to be following so many great writers), and I wanted to re-blog this beautiful blog-post of hers:)

  4. I loved the double-meaning of your words. Each word and every stage that the clay passes is relatable to us. Born useless, moulded by our parents and teachers (potters), passed through fiery tests of life and finally transformed into a piece of art!
    You really have a way with your thoughts and words, Victoria 🙂
    Also, congratulations to you for pursuing your high-school hobby. It is great to see someone doing what one likes without thinking much about the profits and losses 🙂
    No matter how much your posts are late,
    They are always worth the wait 😉
    Thanks for sharing these exquisite words 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Prateek. Your comment made my day 🙂

      Hahah, some people say that my hobbies are pretty old fashioned lol. But yeah, I find that once in a while, we should always do things without thinking about profits and losses, without pressures to conform or to achieve something – and simply do things that we like, because these are the things that refresh us. 😀

      And I hope that you’ll have the chance to do your hobbies as well. Feel free to share about them here if you like 🙂 🙂

      1. Well-said, Victoria! What is the point of achieving various goals if we couldn’t take time out for the simplest of things which make us happy 😀
        As far as my hobbies are concerned, they are mainly dramatics and cooking. Though, getting a stage could be difficult but a kitchen is always around 😀

      2. Yep, glad that you agree. 🙂

        Haha cool! I like cooking as well (though am not very good). But I never imagined to perform or doing anything dramatics on stage. Have fun! Hahaha. 😀

  5. Hello my dear new sweet friend, Victoria
    I really love your thought about clay and I will link this post to my post this evening as a related posts. Thank you very much. Be blessed always.
    Karina Lam

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply! Thanks a lot 🙂 Yep, I agree with you… written words somehow makes things sound contemplative. And since we can read them at our own pace… I think it’s easier for people to receive them. If I were to voice these thoughts in a conversation instead, I might get some strange looks. Haha. 😀

      1. Haha noo, I’m far from an expert at clay lol. It’s really just a highschool hobby that I kinda pick up again 😀 If you have some time, maybe you should try it. It’s pretty interesting hehe.

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