A Room Full of Mirrors

What are illusions, according to you?

The world is full of illusions. We see what we want to see. We choose to listen to things selectively. We believe, what we think is right.

But I think, one of the most dangerous and prevalent types of all illusions… is the illusion of self. Self image. Self worth.

Sometimes, I think the world is like a Room full of Mirrors. But not just ordinary mirrors. Some of them are concave, and some are shaped like a convex. Some are broken, and some are so fogged you can barely see what they reflect.

And yet there we are, standing in the middle of it, trying to figure out who we are, what we look like, and who we should be.

We squint our eyes towards a curved shaped mirror. A small bent figure stares right back. It looks like it’s walking around in circles. Is that us? Are we really this small? Really this lost? This… this insignificant?

We squint again. And moved our sight to another mirror. Wait a minute.. this time we see something different. Here, we are big, powerful, glorious. That’s great. But why do we feel as if we are floating, losing the touch of the ground?

Waitwaitwait. We then glanced to a cracked mirror. And we see this jagged image, broken… so out of place.

And there we are, mirrors after mirrors. Endlessly spending our time in the world of confusions.


The mirrors do not necessary lie. They do somewhat reflect what is standing in front of them. But they never tell a complete picture. And without that full accurate comprehension… we are trapped, in that room of illusions, without any real understanding of who we are. Of what is our worth.

I think.. the illusion of self worth is when we can’t see ourselves as it is. It’s when our vision is fogged up with self delusions and imagined importance, clouded with self blame and self pity.

It’s never wrong to believe in yourself. And it’s never wrong to understand your shortcomings.

But perhaps, the only way to step out of that room of mirrors, to accept the good, along with the ugly. Acknowledge brokenness, along with understanding that that yes, we can be made whole again.

Because no matter how broken, how wretched, how egoistical we are.. We are all given the chance for redemption.

And as long as we are still alive… We have choice, to be a little bit better, because we are given the gift to see another sunrise.


This post is prompted by Phoenix’s question: “what are illusions”. I started thinking about it… and this imagery appears in my head.

What are illusions, according to you?

Do you feel that sometimes…
You’re living inside this Room of Mirrors?


22 thoughts on “A Room Full of Mirrors”

  1. “Because no matter how broken, how wretched, how egoistical we are.. We are all given the chance for redemption.” Love this line! Very inspiring post all around. 🙂

  2. SAME.
    Illusions are deformed mirrors. They are mazes without an exit. They are the fog that hides the light from ever reaching our eyes.
    They are cages–man made cages. We have made them with our own bare hands. But the tragedy comes in the fact that we rarely recognize them as incomplete half-truths. Instead we place them on pedestals from which nothing could make them fall.
    Great post. Great metaphor. Am I “living inside this Room of Mirrors?” Yes, indeed.
    (P.S. Metaphors are life).

    1. Ooh, I love the way you say “they are mazes without an exit … they are man made cages”. It describes it beautifully. And thanks for sharing. We are all living inside this mirror, sometime or another. But I hope that you’ll be able to find your way out of there. 🙂

  3. Often than not, the last person to see one’s mistakes is himself… Covered by a mirage where everyone is inferior to himself. An illusion indeed!

    1. Yeah that’s true. Sometimes the other way is also true though. Wallowed in selfpity, thinking everyone is more fortunate than himself. I guess both can be seen as illusions. Hahah.

  4. That was an amazing perspective, Victoria! The illusion of self could not be portrayed better. What an amazing thought this was 🙂
    Yes I too feel as if surrounded by all types of mirrors. Sometimes a small achievement or failure changes the mirror in front of us and we have a completely different image of ourselves before our eyes. 😀

    1. Hey, thanks a lot Prateek 😀 I’m so glad that this can resonate with you. Yep, it’s always my hope that we can always try to learn see ourselves as who we truly are, bit by bit.

  5. To deal with the illusion of the mirrors one needs to be humble, see oneself with the eyes of others and understand one’s limitations. It takes humility, honesty and self analysis. Not many many people are capable of it.

    1. Hey sorry for the super late reply, haha. Yeah, I agree with you. Self analysis through humility, honesty… which arguably (and unfortunately)… are the opposites of basic human nature. Still, it’s never a reason not to try. 🙂

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