Fire Dance

fire dance 2
Beautiful, vibrant, and full of warmth
Dances freely along with the wind

But isn’t ironic, that one of the most beautiful of all creations…
Is made to be ultimately untouchable?

Sometimes, I think of you as the flame.

I always loved water: its serenity, calmness, along with its powerful soars. But recently, I’ve noticed just how breathtakingly beautiful fire can be. And so,Β I did a series of photography experimentation playing with flames, shadow, and movement.

Below are some moments that I captured. But perhaps more importantly… it was me, whoΒ was captured, captivated, by the lures of the vibrant red and orange.

Sitting enveloped in the darkness, facing a brilliant flame dancing freely to the wild rhythm of the wind… is really one of the most unforgettable experience.

fire dance 7

fire dance 3

fire dance 1

fire dance 6

fire dance 4

*All photographs are mine.Β 


25 thoughts on “Fire Dance”

    1. Thankyou! I was pleasantly surprised with the way the images turn out hehe :D. I love the way photographs sometimes capture neat details & textures that we miss when we just glance at things.

      1. Phew ok that’s good. πŸ™‚ Next time I’ll ask you ahead of time! πŸ˜…
        You’re more welcome! You totally deserve it!! Your blog is freaking amazing!! The things you write….. DANG. ❗

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