“What makes you think you deserve more, if you can’t appreciate what you have right now?”

We don’t necessarily have to accept the status quo.

We don’t have to surrender or give up striving for something more.

We just have to learn to be thankful.


//A question that I’ve heard from a friend, which made me pause and ponder. And I think it’s a good question to ask, from time to time.


9 thoughts on “”

  1. Thank you Victoria,
    I like the way the question was asked. It kind of grounded me in a good way. We often hear the same wisdom in the ‘self help’ field, and it is usually said another way; “appreciate what you already have, and the universe will give you more.” Same wisdom, but I think they convey slightly different message.

    1. You’re very welcome. And I agree with you. I like the tone of this question.. because sometimes, asking a question like this somewhat gives a sense of a challenge that we should answer – which works better to make us pause and think… rather than a passive sentence that just kinda goes above our head that merely make me go “yea yea ok whatever” lol.

    1. Different job, different status, different education, and many other different things…. often leads to a wish of a more happy (happier), more money (wealthier), etc. But I think the spirit of this question is not really about the semantics of what “more” means. But rather, it’s a gentle reminder for us to simply have a more grateful outlook towards life.

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