Train Ride To Nowhere?

I know that life is supposed to be some kind of a journey filled with little stops. And I know that it’s supposed to be measured by the little things, like daily achievements and simple joys and whatnot.

But sometimes, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be fighting for.

Yes those little things seem important. But what do you do when you can’t see the big picture?

They say that life is like a journey. But what kind of journey would that be if the destination is simply a question mark?

I don’t think that I’m aimless per se… but it’s like navigating through a long train ride, where there are so many different tracks that looks very similar to one another in front of you. And somehow, the scenery never really changes.

What would you do?

These are the thoughts that came across my mind as the year quietly turns 2016. I don’t have any big resolutions, and I don’t have any big wishes.

I just wish… that if we strive hard enough, we would achieve something, and discover something along the way.

Whatever that is.

Meanwhile… I’ll just continue to write, learn to paint, do my daily job, and escape into the world of fictions… as the soft rhythm of the train engine lulls me to sleep.

//Photo taken by me, at Hakone, Japan.

9 thoughts on “Train Ride To Nowhere?”

    1. Haha thanks for your question, it helped me think. I suppose I didn’t explain myself very well.

      Right now, I have a full time job that can be rather exhausting and quite taxing. And it is in these moments, that I long for “rest”. But right now (and at least in the near future), I can’t quit it, despite of the fact that I don’t really consider this as something that I really wish to fight for.

      It’s like what Murakami illustrates as “shoveling snow” in the middle of a snow dessert. Doesn’t matter how much you shovel, snow will keep on coming. (The scenery in this train ride never seemed to change). But what can you do? All you have is this shovel and snow that’s ahead of you. I wanted to rest and stopped shoveling. But at the end of the day… you just have to strive and try to be a good now shoveler… until perhaps you shoveled your way enough to arrive at another place.

      I guess many many people is perhaps experiencing a similar thing. Different tracks, similar train rides. What would you do?

      1. Great picture analogy – got it – yes, that is exactly what I would do to – so the only place of strength lies in our minds and our attitudes. If we can ‘rest’ in the midst of all of this, experiencing peace even in the midst of striving – then we will be fine

    1. Haha yeah… you’re right. But what if the scenery never really changes? (I mean technically it surely will at some point… but who know when that would happen). I suppose I need to learn to be a little bit more patient. And.. I guess this whole post can be a roundabout way of saying that I’m bored of this train ride. haha. But well, if we want to get anywhere… we can’t just drive off the tracks right?

  1. I was watching an interview of Ms. Universe Philippines earlier and it’s a coincidence that her answer to “What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned?” somehow answers this post too. She said (not her exact word but the same thought) “You always have to push a little bit more. You never know when the time you give up, it’s when you’re about to get what you are really fighting for.” She joined three times in Bb. Pilipinas (our pageant here wherein whoever wins will be our country’s representative for the Ms. U), and in those times she didn’t get the crown. She said that there came a point where she questioned herself why she kept doing it when she just kept on losing. But even though the road didn’t really change for her just yet, she somehow managed to got her way to Ms. U. So yeah I think we just have to hold on tighter in life. Have a strong hope.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that about Ms Philippines, and it’s heartwarming to hear about her resilience. Yeah it’s really true.. sometimes we just have to try and try until we achieve something we dreamed of. Sometimes, simply because we can. And sometimes, because we don’t have any other choice but to do so, again. Haha.

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