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My thoughts and experiences, as expressed through poetry, stories, paintings, and freestyle writing.

The Waters


Sometimes, I saw myself being swept away in the middle of the waters. But then I realized that in those moments… I was the waters.

Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed by all the problems that needed fixing. But maybe it was my mindset that needed to be changed all along.

Sometimes, people seemed so thoughtless and unreasonable.
But maybe it was me who closed my ears and pretended not to understand. Continue reading The Waters

The long train ride, to some place we’ll call Home

I found myself sitting in an empty train
Through a serendipity wandering
Windows up, no clouds in the sky
Startling journey; breathless, exciting
But wait, where is this going?
It’s too sudden, too new
I wasn’t even sure if I want to be here…
But you smiled and sat right next to me
And the train began to move.

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For many years, I wanted to be like the pretty flowers living in a bright glasshouse. Dainty, comfortable, and always being cared for.

But perhaps, to be able to truly understand the raw beauty of nature and the gift within it… you have to be like the wildflowers that grow on an unassuming path, and stand strong in colors, despite of the wind in all kinds of weather.

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Clear blue water
Then high tide waves
Black storm
And windswept sky
Can you still hear my whispers in the rain?
Just wait,
I’ll build a lighthouse just for us.

For me, a lighthouse is a symbol of hope, and the promise to stand strong, despite of whatever circumstances we might face.

I painted this picture and wrote its accompanying piece sometime ago, as a reminder that Continue reading Lighthouse

The Search for a Friend

I was searching for it for many years
As I walked alone in a silent winter’s path

I tried to approach people and asked for it
And yet I never knew how to describe it
I tried to look for it in people I knew
But it’s hard to find one that’s without pretense

I looked for clues in books, poetries, and stories
But it seems, that it’s nothing more than a myth
And just when I thought I finally found it
It cracked against the test of time

But when I closed my eyes and stopped looking
It reached out and finally found me
Like a quiet “oh” in one fine evening,
I realized that its warmth has saved me

And after all these years, I finally learned its name
It calls itself friendship.

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