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Life of a Clay

Do you know?

When the Potter starts to wedge you…

You realize that you are full of impurities that needed to be cleaned. So many little pebbles and bitterness that needed to be taken out. So many rough edges that needed to be carved out. And as you spin on a wheel, bracing yourself for an unknown change… you slowly learn that you have to be soft and mendable enough to be shaped by the Potter’s hands. It’s a process where you can do nothing but to trust. And yet you realize that you must pass this battle without losing yourself.

When the Potter puts you on the shelf…

You are left to wait so you would truly know what patience means. You learn that the saying “time spent waiting is wasted” is not necessarily true. Minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days, weeks, and years. And you accept that there are just some things that money can’t move forward, that talents can’t deliver. You realize that there are moments where waiting, is the only thing you can do.

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Talking Shadows

I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow, the million moving shapes and cul-de-sacs of shadow. There was shadow in bureau drawers and closets and suitcases, and shadow under houses and trees and stones, and shadow at the back of people’s eyes and smiles, and shadow, miles and miles and miles of it, on the night side of the earth. -Sylvia Plath

I was reading this some time ago, and it fascinated me. I began to ponder about shadows, and their beauty.

Shadows, for me… are the real story behind smiles in photographs. The hidden, imperfect world behind pretty facades. We are always attracted to the bright things, and automatically shield away from the darker sides.

And though looking at the bright lights can be seen as a source of inspiration, sometimes the darker side tells a story that reaches far deeper into our hearts.

The shadows are the ugly reality but also the beautiful truths. The fragile humanity, along with the struggles and the tears. And the untold stories too precious to be put into words and too deep to be simplified into colorful photographs.

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The Hidden Victims

Most of the times, it’s easy to point the blame at someone, and label the other party as the injured victims. But not all victims are easy to recognize. They don’t necessarily have to be at the direct end of the violence and abuse to feel hurt.

Because sometimes, the forgotten victims are those bystanders, witnessing… and losing a little bit of hope in the process.

It’s the child who listened to her parents shouting, and slowly started to believe that relationships are bound to hurt.

It’s the boy who grew up watching graphic angry fights and anarchic actions, and grew up believing that violence might solve something.

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Ethics… What Ethics?

It seems that every time I turn on the news, another case about corruption emerges. And lately, I’m just wondering about ethics, or lack of thereof.

I live in Indonesia. And while I do love my country, it often leaves me with perplexing feelings, and questions… that I find no answers to.

Indeed, it’s difficult to stay pure and uncorrupted when you are surrounded by corrupt individuals, and that the only obvious way to “survive” is to also engage in such misconduct.
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Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose

If there are so many lonely souls, then why do we have to cry alone?

If there are many people looking for acceptance, why are there so many “forever alone” memes?

I spent many years of my school life observing people around me: the loud and outspoken jocks, the beautiful and popular crowd, the tight knitted little group of friends, the quiet ones who take pleasure behind books and quiet conversations, the high-achievers, and many more. Now in the working life, it’s not that much of a difference.

But I realized that all of them have one similarity: in our own secret ways, we long for someone to reach to us. Continue reading Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose

The Search for a Friend

I was searching for it for many years
As I walked alone in a silent winter’s path

I tried to approach people and asked for it
And yet I never knew how to describe it
I tried to look for it in people I knew
But it’s hard to find one that’s without pretense

I looked for clues in books, poetries, and stories
But it seems, that it’s nothing more than a myth
And just when I thought I finally found it
It cracked against the test of time

But when I closed my eyes and stopped looking
It reached out and finally found me
Like a quiet “oh” in one fine evening,
I realized that its warmth has saved me

And after all these years, I finally learned its name
It calls itself friendship.

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Learning Resilience (Life of a Student)

Hi guys, this is a note of encouragement for all of you students out there who might be struggling with your studies… or simply feeling tired and jaded right now.

Today is the day I received my results, which marks the end of my university life. 😀 In retrospect, it was not an easy journey. But now, I’m thankful for every moment that I have experienced, because I can share these lessons learnt with you.

I have been in moments where I barely managed to scrape through passing grades. And through the journey over the years, I experienced discouragements, fear, and worries. But through it all, I learnt what it means to be resilient. And as I grew and became stronger as a person, my grades slowly get better as well. Today, I received the result that is beyond what I can hope for. 🙂

Hard work alone is never enough. Below are the 5 lessons that I learnt during my school years, which I hope would help and encourage all of you students out there. Yes, they are simple. But these are the simple truths that saved my life and my sanity.

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