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Glimpses of something personal.

Train Ride To Nowhere?

I know that life is supposed to be some kind of a journey filled with little stops. And I know that it’s supposed to be measured by the little things, like daily achievements and simple joys and whatnot.

But sometimes, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be fighting for.

Yes those little things seem important. But what do you do when you can’t see the big picture?

They say that life is like a journey. But what kind of journey would that be if the destination is simply a question mark?

I don’t think that I’m aimless per se… but it’s like navigating through a long train ride, where there are so many different tracks that looks very similar to one another in front of you. And somehow, the scenery never really changes.

What would you do?
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Suggest A Prompt!


Hi guys, I thought it’d be fun for me to open the floor for you to submit a prompt about a topic that you would like me to write about.

It can pretty much be in any form / style:

  1. Questions on perspectives
  2. A photograph, and you ask me to write a short story / poetry about it
  3. A current issue
  4. An opinion on any types of question
  5. A writing challenge
  6. Etc.

HOW: Simply post a comment below!
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For many years, I wanted to be like the pretty flowers living in a bright glasshouse. Dainty, comfortable, and always being cared for.

But perhaps, to be able to truly understand the raw beauty of nature and the gift within it… you have to be like the wildflowers that grow on an unassuming path, and stand strong in colors, despite of the wind in all kinds of weather.

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Clear blue water
Then high tide waves
Black storm
And windswept sky
Can you still hear my whispers in the rain?
Just wait,
I’ll build a lighthouse just for us.

For me, a lighthouse is a symbol of hope, and the promise to stand strong, despite of whatever circumstances we might face.

I painted this picture and wrote its accompanying piece sometime ago, as a reminder that Continue reading Lighthouse

Moving forward, and yet being left behind. (Or maybe not)

Maybe the feeling of lost is like being a brand new sock being put into a washing machine for the first time, and then trying to find its partner when it’s being separated beneath a jumbled pile of three week’s worth of clean laundry.

From a human’s perspective, while a mountain of laundry is somewhat a chore, nobody would think of it as a significant obstacle. Once we decided that we should stop procrastinating… We could probably finish ironing and folding them in a few hours, and everything would be neat again.

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The Search for a Friend

I was searching for it for many years
As I walked alone in a silent winter’s path

I tried to approach people and asked for it
And yet I never knew how to describe it
I tried to look for it in people I knew
But it’s hard to find one that’s without pretense

I looked for clues in books, poetries, and stories
But it seems, that it’s nothing more than a myth
And just when I thought I finally found it
It cracked against the test of time

But when I closed my eyes and stopped looking
It reached out and finally found me
Like a quiet “oh” in one fine evening,
I realized that its warmth has saved me

And after all these years, I finally learned its name
It calls itself friendship.

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Hong Kong Lights

There’s something about gazing at a city skyline from a distance, that makes me strangely contemplative.

When I was walking in the midst of a crowded city of Hong Kong, I felt as if I was swept away by the rhythm of the bustling city life. It was not unlike my home in Jakarta. But when you became a tourist… I guess you became a little more observant and pay a little more attention to your surroundings.

There were rows of designer skyscrapers standing so closely next to each other. And yet it’s hard to see the their shape from where I was standing. All I saw was just brick wall after brick wall, glass windows after glass windows, shop after shop.

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