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I never liked the way the grey sky looks
But it’s in the storm I found
A strength greater than the world
That lifted me up ever so gently,
And taught me what it is to be still.

I never wished for fire
But it’s in that desperation I felt
A hope that is unlike any other
That enveloped me in warmth,
And led me to the path of courage.

I never wanted to be tossed by the waves
But it’s in the seconds before I drowned
That I realized I was anchored
Protected in an unshakable grip,
And knew what it is to be saved.

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Would You?

If I told you I can walk through a dark valley without getting lost,
Would you believe me?

If I told you I will climb a mountain and free jump to learn how to fly,
Would you trust me?

If I plan to dive into the deep to find a treasure that I’ve never seen,
Would you let me go?

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