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Watching the grass grow. Just because.

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We don’t have to be super heroes or go on an adventure.
We don’t have to dress all fancy or live in a pretty castle.
We don’t have to talk all day or find ways to laugh in every waking moment.

I just wish you could sit with me, and we can quietly watch the way the grass grow. Because even then, I know that I’ll still have the best day with you. 🙂

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It’s hard to say goodbye. But it’s harder to say hello again.


We cried and we laughed. We argued and we joked around. We fought and we made up. We drifted apart… and yet we never returned.

And as I stare into the distance, I wonder if our friendship ever crossed your mind.

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To Love. To Risk. To Stay.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable.”

I got my heart broken for the first time in 6th grade. Not by a boy. But by two girls whom I considered as my best friends.

Until today, I honestly couldn’t remember if I did anything wrong. There wasn’t even a fight. They just decided that on one morning, the two of them would be better off without me. Funnily enough, we made up by the end of the day, friendship was mended, and nobody could notice that anything was amiss.

But it doesn’t change the fact that in that day… I felt betrayed by the people I trusted the most, and the scars stayed for a pretty long time. And as I grew up, the pattern continued: people came and went, and friendships were forged and dissolved.

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Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose

If there are so many lonely souls, then why do we have to cry alone?

If there are many people looking for acceptance, why are there so many “forever alone” memes?

I spent many years of my school life observing people around me: the loud and outspoken jocks, the beautiful and popular crowd, the tight knitted little group of friends, the quiet ones who take pleasure behind books and quiet conversations, the high-achievers, and many more. Now in the working life, it’s not that much of a difference.

But I realized that all of them have one similarity: in our own secret ways, we long for someone to reach to us. Continue reading Society: Drifting… For a Moment’s Purpose

Moving forward, and yet being left behind. (Or maybe not)

Maybe the feeling of lost is like being a brand new sock being put into a washing machine for the first time, and then trying to find its partner when it’s being separated beneath a jumbled pile of three week’s worth of clean laundry.

From a human’s perspective, while a mountain of laundry is somewhat a chore, nobody would think of it as a significant obstacle. Once we decided that we should stop procrastinating… We could probably finish ironing and folding them in a few hours, and everything would be neat again.

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The Art of Deflecting Hurtful Comments

Stick and stones may break my bones
But words hurt the heart.

The reality of the situation is: humans are imperfect beings, and for some reasons, we often hurt each other (albeit unintentionally or not). Derogative words by strangers who barely know you could bring you down. And often times, the most painful of wounds came from the people closest to us.

I started to reflect about this topic a few days ago when someone close to me said some things that were kind of mean. In retrospect, it was a pretty minor incident. But it caused me to think: is there any better ways for me to deal with such situation instead of being wallowed in misery?

So I thought, if we can’t control the words that people speak to us… is there any good ways to deflect these hurtful comments? Continue reading The Art of Deflecting Hurtful Comments

The Search for a Friend

I was searching for it for many years
As I walked alone in a silent winter’s path

I tried to approach people and asked for it
And yet I never knew how to describe it
I tried to look for it in people I knew
But it’s hard to find one that’s without pretense

I looked for clues in books, poetries, and stories
But it seems, that it’s nothing more than a myth
And just when I thought I finally found it
It cracked against the test of time

But when I closed my eyes and stopped looking
It reached out and finally found me
Like a quiet “oh” in one fine evening,
I realized that its warmth has saved me

And after all these years, I finally learned its name
It calls itself friendship.

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