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Learning Resilience (Life of a Student)

Hi guys, this is a note of encouragement for all of you students out there who might be struggling with your studies… or simply feeling tired and jaded right now.

Today is the day I received my results, which marks the end of my university life. 😀 In retrospect, it was not an easy journey. But now, I’m thankful for every moment that I have experienced, because I can share these lessons learnt with you.

I have been in moments where I barely managed to scrape through passing grades. And through the journey over the years, I experienced discouragements, fear, and worries. But through it all, I learnt what it means to be resilient. And as I grew and became stronger as a person, my grades slowly get better as well. Today, I received the result that is beyond what I can hope for. 🙂

Hard work alone is never enough. Below are the 5 lessons that I learnt during my school years, which I hope would help and encourage all of you students out there. Yes, they are simple. But these are the simple truths that saved my life and my sanity.

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Why do we dream?

Sometimes, I wonder… Why do we, as humans, have the ability to dream?

I’m not talking about the kind of dreams that you experience when you sleep, because I’m sure there are many scientific and psychological theories about it.

But right now, I’m just wondering on why do we dream, when we are awake?

Why do we have wishes, and sometimes far-stretched ideas on how we want to live our lives? Continue reading Why do we dream?