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Others’ Success: Motivatation or Discouragement?

I read this article “How The Cult of Early Success is Bad for Young People” at TIME today, and the title bothers me.

What do you think?

From a glance, this article is pretty well written, I suppose. It cites various resources, and provides an interesting point of view that I mull for quite sometime. But this type of journalism bothers me, because it nitpicks at success stories and positive energies… and turns it into an argument that success is bad for other people

Perhaps it’s for the sake of publishing a story-grabbing title in the midst of hundreds of  articles about Taylor Swift and Malala Yousafzai. But try to imagine and put yourself in their shoes… say, for example: you have worked really hard over the years, and you share your stories of struggles and how you eventually reached a point of success as a way to inspire… and somebody merely point out that “Hey, your story discourages people because it made them feel not good enough, yknow”. How would you feel?

I understand that success could be bad for yourself if you don’t manage it properly. But to accuse someone’s hard work, experiences, and otherwise successful story as something that could harm others, is rather uncalled for.

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Train Ride To Nowhere?

I know that life is supposed to be some kind of a journey filled with little stops. And I know that it’s supposed to be measured by the little things, like daily achievements and simple joys and whatnot.

But sometimes, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be fighting for.

Yes those little things seem important. But what do you do when you can’t see the big picture?

They say that life is like a journey. But what kind of journey would that be if the destination is simply a question mark?

I don’t think that I’m aimless per se… but it’s like navigating through a long train ride, where there are so many different tracks that looks very similar to one another in front of you. And somehow, the scenery never really changes.

What would you do?
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When Your Refuge Becomes Your Prison

A refuge is supposed to be a safe place that you can depend in the days of trouble. But sometimes, a refuge could become so comfortable, that before we realize it, it has turned into a prison that separates us from the world outside.

Do you have a hobby? Or should I say, an obsession? It distracts you from the worries of the world, and it turns an escape when the pressures became too much.

It could take many forms: fictions, gaming, chatting, shopping, TV shows, social media, sex, or whatever. The possibility is endless. It filled you with colors, temporary happiness, and almost a sense of fulfillment.

Yet when those activities are taken from you, you found yourself being surrounded by a strange feeling of emptiness. Suddenly, the world turns strangely quiet. Why? Did you unknowingly let those activities define your happiness?

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