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Others’ Success: Motivatation or Discouragement?

I read this article “How The Cult of Early Success is Bad for Young People” at TIME today, and the title bothers me.

What do you think?

From a glance, this article is pretty well written, I suppose. It cites various resources, and provides an interesting point of view that I mull for quite sometime. But this type of journalism bothers me, because it nitpicks at success stories and positive energies… and turns it into an argument that success is bad for other people

Perhaps it’s for the sake of publishing a story-grabbing title in the midst of hundreds of  articles about Taylor Swift and Malala Yousafzai. But try to imagine and put yourself in their shoes… say, for example: you have worked really hard over the years, and you share your stories of struggles and how you eventually reached a point of success as a way to inspire… and somebody merely point out that “Hey, your story discourages people because it made them feel not good enough, yknow”. How would you feel?

I understand that success could be bad for yourself if you don’t manage it properly. But to accuse someone’s hard work, experiences, and otherwise successful story as something that could harm others, is rather uncalled for.

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Why Courage?

Why is it that heroes are always characterized as brave?

In every story and movie I know, the hero (despite whatever shortcoming they have), is always being depicted as courageous. The Gryffindor. The dauntless. The brave warrior. The valiant avengers. Why? Why can’t we be heroes without being brave?

I thought about this from time to time. Why can’t someone be considered a hero simply because he’s smart? Because she’s kind? Because they’re honest? Or simply because they quietly follow the rule and doesn’t hurt anyone?

I’m not brave. I never was.

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Second Chances

If you could go back and rewrite your history, would you take it? And would you let others take it?

vienna noreen asked me to write about Second Chances… which I think is an interesting topic to write on, because simply there are no clear “right” or “wrong” answers. Every case is different, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and we all have our own preferences.

But I think in most cases, it’s divided into 3 categories. Personal injuries, wrong doings in a professional setting, and severe, law breaking cases.

Personal Injuries

For much of my life: I live by a simple conviction, “do to others, as you would have them do to you.”

And that’s why, I think that it’s important to Always Forgive, but Never Forget. Forgiveness is something that I will always hope I have the privilege of receiving. I would never want a person to hold a grudge on me. Just like everyone else on this planet, I often make mistakes as I’m figuring out my life. So what right do I have to hold a grudge against another? Continue reading Second Chances

Harsh Laws

What exactly is the purpose of law? Its ultimate purpose, I would like to think… is to prevent crimes instead of punishing them. It’s to provide boundaries so people can have freedom.

But sometimes, when concepts such as the death penalty is introduced, then the lines would be blurred: and in a glance, it’s almost as if now, the law robs humans out of their freedom.

Boy Under The Bridge asked me to write about my perspective on the Bali 9 Execution.

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Would You be A Snitch?

(No, I’m not talking about that little golden ball that wizards chase around). But would you blow the whistle, when you witness or heard someone you know… does something that might be considered as wrong.

Ever since we were young, teachers always preach that we must always speak up when we see someone does something “bad”. But a Snitch never has a good reputation. Even kids don’t like friends who tattletale.

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The Hidden Victims

Most of the times, it’s easy to point the blame at someone, and label the other party as the injured victims. But not all victims are easy to recognize. They don’t necessarily have to be at the direct end of the violence and abuse to feel hurt.

Because sometimes, the forgotten victims are those bystanders, witnessing… and losing a little bit of hope in the process.

It’s the child who listened to her parents shouting, and slowly started to believe that relationships are bound to hurt.

It’s the boy who grew up watching graphic angry fights and anarchic actions, and grew up believing that violence might solve something.

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To Love. To Risk. To Stay.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable.”

I got my heart broken for the first time in 6th grade. Not by a boy. But by two girls whom I considered as my best friends.

Until today, I honestly couldn’t remember if I did anything wrong. There wasn’t even a fight. They just decided that on one morning, the two of them would be better off without me. Funnily enough, we made up by the end of the day, friendship was mended, and nobody could notice that anything was amiss.

But it doesn’t change the fact that in that day… I felt betrayed by the people I trusted the most, and the scars stayed for a pretty long time. And as I grew up, the pattern continued: people came and went, and friendships were forged and dissolved.

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