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Autumn’s & Evergreens

japan 08 - kyoto

A strange thought came across my mind…

Would you rather be the vibrant autumn leaves, or the quiet evergreens?

The maples are vibrant,  widely captured in photographs, and celebrated for its colors. And yet, its beauty lies in its transient nature. That short little moment… before it fades away.

Meanwhile, the quiet pines stood strong, and yet goes mostly unnoticed. It stays awake in greens for a long time… but perhaps felt a little lonely.

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Riddle: Who am I?

I can be cold I can be warm
I can be solid yet I can be liquid
You can hate me or you can love me
And you can mix me with so many different things…
But you’ll always know me by my smell.

I come in two colors
You may beat me every morning
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Would You be A Snitch?

(No, I’m not talking about that little golden ball that wizards chase around). But would you blow the whistle, when you witness or heard someone you know… does something that might be considered as wrong.

Ever since we were young, teachers always preach that we must always speak up when we see someone does something “bad”. But a Snitch never has a good reputation. Even kids don’t like friends who tattletale.

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