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The Little Light

Isn’t it funny?
That it’s so far away
And yet you somehow believe it would be true.

Isn’t it bittersweet?
It tears you inside but you can’t help but to hold on to it
Because it’s the only thing you can have.

Isn’t it damning?
The crowd jeers and laughs, but you can’t back down
Because that’s where you put your best foot forward.
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Will I be able to leave behind any footsteps?

During my recent trip, I spent a long time, walking by the shore, watching the sands and soft waves. And I started to think about footsteps on the sand, and how it reminded me of life.

Regardless of how deep I tried to dig my steps, the ocean waves just washed them all away. Gone, just like that. There were no traces of me, no evidence that I have walked over there, just moments ago.

Perhaps, such transience is the beauty of human life.

But it makes me wonder if there could possibly be any ways where I can leave a trace of footsteps on the Earth I’ve walked. Continue reading Footsteps